The Georgia Guard Insurance Trust (GGIT) was formed on 1 October 1984 to offer group term life insurance to members of the Georgia National Guard, their spouses and dependent children.

The GGIT is a nonprofit organization. All of the money we make on the group life insurance program above expenses is allocated to promote meritorious and worthwhile activities of the Georgia National Guard, such as scholarships for Guard Members, spouses, dependent children and grandchildren.

Since we started business in 1984, we have paid out over $19,006,000 in death claim benefits to Guard Members and their beneficiaries. We pay 100% of the face amount of the policy within 24 hours after notification of an insured death.

The individual premium rate for Guard Members is only 40 cents per thousand dollars of insurance regardless of age. The rates are even more economical for dependent coverage. For example, you can insure your spouse and all dependent children under 21 years of age (25 if a full time student) for $10,000 each for $6.70 per month. The premiums are deducted from your drill pay while you are active in the Georgia National Guard. You can keep this insurance on yourself and your family after you retire or separate from the Georgia National Guard for the same premiums until you attain age 60. At age 60, the amount of insurance coverage on both you and your spouse reduces by 50%. At that time, either of you may convert the 50% of coverage you lose to a personal, whole life policy. At age 65, the group term insurance policy terminates, with the same opportunity to convert your remaining coverage to a whole life policy. You may convert your policy either age 60 or 65 without answering any medical questions or taking a physical exam.

We offer $10,000 of insurance to all new accessions in the Georgia National Guard at no cost to the Guard Member for one year. After one year the Guard Member may elect to cancel or keep the insurance, increase their coverage or add dependent coverage.

There are no exclusions in our insurance policy.

Our insurance underwriter is 5 Star Life Insurance Company out of Nebraska, an A- (Excellent) rated insurance company by AM Best.

If you are already enrolled in the group life insurance program, we thank you for your support. If you are not enrolled in our group life insurance program, we encourage and urge you to enroll by printing out the enrollment and payroll deduction forms on this website, filling them out and mailing them to us at 3 Central Plaza, #356 – Rome, GA  30161.

If you have any questions, call us at 770-739-9651 or 800-229-1053.